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Culture meets commerce

We help clients map their next chapter of success while keeping our pulse on how culture is transforming, industries are evolving, and demographics shifting

our philosophy

The world is evolving, so should brands.

By 2044 the world will be the youngest and the most diverse generation in history, thriving in the society of tomorrow requires a deep understing of nuanced and diverse cultures.

remnant strategy


We question the questions.

Our Success session kick-off meeting is designed to evaluate the prime factor of the engagement. We partner with our clients to assess the project vision, goals, and grame the issue from every angle. We determine the key knowledge gaps and work to identify our ollective project spots.


We're not quants or poets. We are cultural explorers.

Our never-ending quest to understand people, culture, organizations, and society fuels our success as insights-driven culturally intelligant strategists.

Wheather reviewing your existing research or pulling data from our subscriptions we approach research with empathy and seek to walk in the end users' shoes.


sone call it the strategy development phase, we prefer "plotting your next move"

Leveraging the insights uncovered, we undergo the process of developing the brand DNA including your brand attributes, persona, and consumner(s) profile.

We are experts in creating compasses and map so that our slients' strategies leat then to their brand true north.


We move all the key pieces into position.

From creating content, launcing marketing campaing, or implementing a commmunications strategy, we design a path to your success and goal.

our approach

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) drives the bottom-line

In this diverse landscape in which emerging markets have increased buying and decision-making power; companies must trans-create versus translate. We work with clients to cultivate CQ at their business core.

Innovation is a product of exploration

Vacuums are beneficial for cleaning yet not for organizational growth. Our process includes working with clients to identify and deconstruct any silos which create barriers to success.

our expertise

Employee Engagement Strategic Planning B2B Marketing Cultural & Cross-cultural Trends
Brand Management Corporate Citizenship Reputation Management Growth Strategy

our network

Founded in 2019 with the premise that unique opportunities require bespoke solutions, Remnant Strategy is a boutique consultancy with a global reach. Our agile framework leverages the best minds in analytics & insights, brand strategy, communications, creative development, media planning and product for each unique engagement.

prior experience

JOI freeman

CEO & founder

Strategist. Youth culture enthusiast. Advocate for the voices of vulnerable populations.

Joi Freeman thrives in chaos and is a natural-born influencer. Her work launching brands and transforming culture spans industries and sectors with a roster including The Boston Consulting Group, the YMCA, Claire’s & Icing stores, the Girl Scouts, MoneyGram International, HOPE Worldwide, McDonald’s and Burger King.

Joi's greatest passion is exploration, her hobby is design, and her weakness is a Murder, She Wrote marathon. If she were not a strategist her alternate career would be translating ancient text into modern slang for new audiences to enjoy.